Wing Sang Tong, a traditional herbal tea shop in Hong Kong.
Not only based on healthy medicinal diet, we also expected to bring out the wisdom and attitude of healthy mindfulness life.

Wing Sang Tong, has rooted in the Prince’s Edward since the early 1990s, produces and sells traditional herbal teas, herbal Jelly and healthy herbal drinks suitable for urban life. We has my own workshop in Hong Kong and is certified by a Chinese medicine team. Our herbal tea adheres to the ancient medicine system and made fresh every day. Because of our own production with quality priority, it insists on real materials and no preservatives. There is no large-scale branch expansion. Therefore, it has established a deep friendship with local customers.

Drinking herbal tea is the life wisdom of Hong Kong people, and it is also listed as a national intangible cultural heritage. In order to keep pace with the times, based on wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, we hope to provide healthy foods and drinks and seasonal soup bags, in addition to traditional herbal tea

At present, Wing Sang Tong has 3 stores located at landmark locations, 8 distribution points, 3 online shopping platforms and B2B wholesale distribution.